Go-Industry (UK) Ltd



  • existing site had dated design.
  • colour palette failed to reflect corporate style guidelines.
  • confused user journey in certain sections.
  • not usable on mobile or table formats.


  • Global discovery phase
  • conducted user (online) interviews with selected clients, identifying common tasks, attitudes, opinions, likes/dislikes, frustrations and ideas for improvements.
  • discussions with Business Customer Support team and offshore technical teams.
  • no personas or ideal user journeys created as there not enough time in project scope.
  • Design phase
  • visual design (using Twitter Bootstrap) presented to senior stakeholders, tight deadlines meant user testing was not allowed.
  • using the Agile methodology a number of design review meeting with business representatives.


  • US version of website is responsive for all formats, however the international site remains unchanged due to project scope.
  • multiple visual design/layout enhancements that allow content to be presented in a far more ordered and easy to use manner.